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A superior technology designed to minimise energy loss through your windows

Specifiers, Architects & Builders

Up to 80% of energy loss through a window occurs at its edge

And ‘Warm edge’ spacers such as Thermobar aim to minimize this energy loss. Warm Edge products are used in the construction of the edge of a double glazed window unit, and use very thermally efficient materials compared to standard double glazed units. Consequently, by specifying windows with Thermobar, heat loss at the external edge of the window can be reduced by up to 94% compared with standard windows. Thermobar has one of the best thermal conductivity values of warm edge spacers currently available.


Benefits of specifying Thermobar warm edge spacer:

1)  Cost effective way to improve energy performance of windows and buildings

2)  Meet tightening building regulations 

3)  Reduced heat loss of up to 94% at the edge of the window

4)  Reduce condensation by up to 70% to dramatically reduce the chances of potentially harmful mould growth, and help meet public sector housing standards

5)  Good aesthetics – Thermobar is available in a selection of colours with a subtle matt finish, providing improved aesthetics compared to raw aluminium spacers. 

6)  Double and triple glazing – Thermobar is available in a wide range of sizes that can easily be incorporated into triple glazed units as well as double glazing.

7) Thermobar is Passive House certified with phA 'Advanced Component' rating (phA+ with Hot Melt secondary sealant). Click here for more information.

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