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Building Regulations and Window Energy Ratings

Passive House Certification

Thermobar is a Passive House certified component, having achieved a phA rating from the Passive House Institute (PHI) (phA+ with Hot Melt secondary sealant). The certificate indicates that Thermobar fulfils high energy efficiency and hygiene requirements for an 'arctic climate region' and all other climate regions with lower requirements.


The PHI is an independent research institute with the only internationally recognised, performance based energy standard in construction. The PHI has played a crucial role in the development of the Passive House concept and has since assumed a leading position with regards to research on the development of construction concepts, building components, planning tools and quality assurance for especially energy efficient buildings. It holds a Database of Certified Passive House Components which are rated and classified based on hygiene and efficiency within the criteria of a Passive House. Visit www.passivehouse.com and select ‘Component Database’ for a full list of rated components and their relevant certificates.

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