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A superior technology designed to minimise energy loss through your windows

Warm Edge Double & Triple Glazing

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Glass Panes - Low E, Annealed, Laminated or Tempered.

High Performance Warm Edge Double Glazing

Airspace filled with at least 90% inert gas such as Argon, Krypton, Xenon or gas blends.

3A Molecular Sieve or 'Desiccant' is an essential component of a superior double glazed unit. Loose fill Desiccant adsorbs moisture in the unit.

Secondary Sealant bonds all components together and seal the edge of the unit to prevent moisture ingress.

Primary Butyl gas-tight seal (optional). Supports the unit during assembly and reduces the moisture transfer path.

Used to create the airspaces within the sealed unit, Thermobar warm edge spacer tube is made from high performance plastic with a gas diffusion barrier to minimise gas loss from the edge of the unit. The composition of Thermobar ensures that the unit is structurally sound while helping to reduce heat loss at the edge of the glazing unit.

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