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Building Regulations and Window Energy Ratings

The process for applying for a Window Energy Rating

1) Contact approved simulator to apply

Applicant to contact a certifying body such as the BFRC or CERTASS for an approved Simulator – list available from the BFRC and CERTASS.
The window installer will need an approved simulation report for each WER they require, so one for a ‘B’, ‘A’, 'A*' and 'A+' if they would like to supply these to their customers. Please note that the rules on components used within IG units have altered. Window simulations are no longer brand-specific so components that are considered equal to or better can be substituted without requiring a re-simulation. Therefore, you can substitute your current spacer bar and sealant for a similar component with a same or better performing product. You will need to seek advice from your supplier and/or simulator to ensure that your component is exchangeable.

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